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Medical Marijuana 411 is an online, information-based group promoting a better quality of life through the sensible use of medical marijuana. Subscribe to our Daily Dose and click “Like” on Facebook.


We are an information-based company, helping patients find a better quality of life through the education and sensible use of medical marijuana. Not only does Medical Marijuana provide relevant feature articles, bloggers, contributors and patient stories – but we also provide you with the Daily Dose, delivered directly into your email box once a week. We are working to also provide our loyal readership with Daily Deals from those within the industry that have relevant products and services.


Whether you are looking for patient stories, news articles, or want to hear from a physician, Medical Marijuana 411 can help you keep up with the every-changing world of medical cannabis.


Our goal is to educate people about the medicinal benefits of cannabis through a media platform and encourage them to seek out the best quality of life they can. Many Americans are already sick, and many of the medications physicians prescribe have side-effects that have the potential to harm more than heal. Our mission at Medical Marijuana 411 and is to spotlight the medicinal research that is available, as well as feature some of the physicians and scientists doing their research, and let the patients speak for themselves about the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana, in all its forms.

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