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$2 Million Will Return $230 Million to California, Every Year, Forever

Sam Sabzehzar 2012-02-13 0 comments

By Steve Collett Published in

California Congressional Candidate Steve Collett discussing the recent poll on Regulate Marijuana Like Wine and the fiscal impact it could have in the state.

Regulate Marijuana Like Wine, California’s “Like Wine” initiative,  which is supported by retired law enforcement officers, judges, doctors, medical marijuana patients and taxpayers, is seeking contributions which will result in a 115 to 1 return to California on the first $2,000,000 contributed.

Like Wine prohibits sales to minors and retains existing prohibitions against workplace use and driving under the influence. The initiative also prohibits advertising.

A recent poll just reported 62% approval, with 35% opposed, and 3% unsure for Regulating Marijuana Like Wine.

$2,000,000 is the amount necessary to obtain 800,000 approved signatures to get on the ballot.

According to the Attorney General’s title and summary report, the initiative will result in “Savings of potentially several tens of millions of dollars annually to state and local governments on the costs of incarcerating and supervising certain marijuana offenders. Potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in net additional tax revenues related to the production and sale of marijuana products.”

Alternative sources project over a billion dollars in state cost savings plus revenues.

But, using the states official calculation, if “several tens of millions” in costs on the low end of the scale means $30 million, and “hundreds of millions” in revenues on the low end of the scale means $200 million, then total cost savings plus revenues to the state on the low end of the scale means $230 million.

$230 million on a one time $2 million contribution is a 115 to 1 annual return, every year, forever.

That is a 11500% annual return, assuming no inflation in future years. That means every $100 donated results in $11,500 to California every year, forever.

In this era of limitations, could this be possible?

The answer is yes.

It gets better. That one time $2,000,000 will also prevent 70,000 California arrests annually. It will ease the costs and overcrowding for law enforcement, prosecution, courts and prisons. It will free up law enforcement and courts for real crimes.

Like Wine can mark the beginning of the end to our failed drug policies which empower gangs, drug cartels and terrorists, result in widespread corruption, violation of our rights against search and seizure, and is the cause of massive discrimination against minorities and the less affluent who are disproportionately searched, arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated.

Like Wine will reduce death and destruction in Mexico due to our failed policies that give monopoly power to ruthless cartels and result in an average of 42 deaths every day in Mexico.

If each of the 70,000 people arrested in California for marijuana offenses in one year were to contribute $30, Like Wine would have $2,100,000 to get on the ballot. And the crime for which each person was arrested would soon cease to be a crime.

At an average annual cost of $45,000 per incarceration, we can end marijuana incarcerations forever for the price of incarcerating 45 for one year.

California, which is uniquely positioned to benefit economically from marijuana and hemp sales, will also get an enormous economic shot in the arm, every year, forever.

As occurred during alcohol prohibition, when the states finally say no, the federal government will be unable to enforce it, and medical marijuana patients will be safe from federal interference.

Marijuana prohibition’s days will be numbered nationwide. The federal government will then see cost savings and revenue increases on a scale even greater than California.

Doubters may point out that the $2 million only gets the initiative on the ballot. It could cost twice that amount again before November.

If we get on the ballot, we will win. We are polling 62% now, and support grows every day. If we need more money in November, we will get it, even if it only means a 50 to 1, or 5000% return on those dollars.

We have a window of opportunity to change our wasteful, unjust and discriminatory marijuana laws.

Like Wine is win/win:

It is a win in reducing costs and overcrowding in our courts and prisons.

It is a win in revenues for the state of California.

It is a win in dis-empowering gangs and drug cartels.

It is a win in reducing corruption and violations of rights against search and seizure.

It is a win for law enforcement who want to protect people from real crimes.

It is a win in reducing discrimination.

It is a win in preventing deaths in Mexico.

It is a win for California’s economy.

It will be a win for the world when it follows California’s example for compassion, freedom and prosperity.

If you, a friend or a family member has suffered from an illegal search; if you believe medical patients have a right to marijuana without government interference; if you want to reduce discrimination; if you want to reduce deaths in Mexico; or if you don’t care about any of the above, but want to see California get a 115 to one return on your contribution, every year, forever: please contribute now to Regulate Marijuana Like Wine.