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2011 Indiana Cannabis Award Winners

Daily Dose 2011-04-25 0 comments

By Relegalize Indiana | Published in The Seedling

Last week, the Indiana Cannabis Awards were given out at The Vogue nightclub in Broad Ripple, and we wanted to give you all an idea of who received the first ever honors for service to the Hoosier cannabis community.

A complete list can be found below the fold, but the featured award of the evening is the Lifetime Achievement Award for Dr. Louis Lemberger.

As one of Eli Lilly’s top drug scientists for more than 40 years, Dr. Lemberger is one of the groundbreaking scientists who have driven research into cannabis as a therapeutic agent for most of his carer.

Dr. Lemberger’s early research into cannabis formed the foundation of the medical research cited in the infamous Shafer Commission Report to President Richard Nixon in 1972.

His paper Comparative Pharmacology of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and its Metabolite, 11-OH-Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol is considered to be the definitive document that proves cannabis to be a potent medically valuable substance that was included in the report.

Nixon then ignored the report and  instead went on to form the Drug Enforcement Administration and launch the Drug War.

Dr. Lemberger, undeterred, continued to conduct research and helped advance the cause of medical cannabis therapeutics up to today.

2011 Indiana Cannabis Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement – Dr. Louis Lemberger

Professionals Awards

Attorney of the Year – Steve Dillon
Doctor of the Year – Dr. Clark Brittain
Lincoln Award – Rep. Tom Knollman
Jefferson Award – Sen. Karen Tallian
Franklin Award – Councilor Ed Coleman

Media Awards

Tesla Award (radio/podcasting) – Time 4 Hemp with Casper Leitch
Pyle Award (journalism) – David Hoppe, NUVO

Corporate Awards

HEMPTech Award – FlexForm Technologies, Inc.
Consumer Product of the Year – HeadWiz, Inc./Zephyr Ion Vaporizer
Hemp Is Indiana Award – Foods Alive/Meg’s Sweet & Sassy Hemp Oil Salad Dressing

Music Awards

Album of the Year – Rich Hardesty “Culturally Insane”
Song of the Year – The Gitmos “I Wanna Grow Weed”
Solo Performer of the Year – Andy Salge
Musician Activist of the Year – US Hemp/Arlin Troutt

Community Service Awards

Twisted (Lafayette)
Cosmic Harvey’s (Kokomo)
Elvies (Kokomo)
20 Past 4 and More (Indianapolis)
High on the Hill (Indianapolis)
The Magic Bus (Indianapolis)
Dragon Slayer (Muncie)
Ultra Oil For Pets