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3 Major Legalization Initiative Spokespersons Join in Unity

Sam Sabzehzar 2012-02-26 1 comment

All the signatories of the Unity Resolution will be at the USC event, where they will make their official announcement. (Photo credit:

Rarely do competing camps in a political arena join forces, but to address the larger goals of ending marijuana prohibition, the legalization efforts in California have united behind a singular message.

On the eve of the University of California chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s marijuana ballot initiative forum, key members from each of the groups gathered at the home of Steve Collett to discuss unification.

“Together we cannot lose,” says Steve Collett, Treasurer of Regulate Marijuana Like Wine and Congressional Candidate. “Marijuana prohibition in California is going to end,” he adds.

“Nothing is more important than ending marijuana prohibition,” continues Bill Panzer, Proponent for Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act.

And according to the Jack Herer Initiative’s Buddy Duzy, “We can get behind any of these that will make the ballot in November.”

“For me all three,” was a statement that seemed to stick and whichever one looks best to a potential investor is the one that all three will get behind, for the sake of ending marijuana prohibition in California.




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  1. Martin

    It’s always good to see support for this, Ive seriously considered starting a dispensary after reading a neat little guide at another website but with all the legalities behind starting one i was a little afraid, but with combined knowledge from what i read and happenings like this, i think ill be comfortable in doing so.