Medical Marijuana 411 is committed to your Cannabis Education.

Our expansive online learning system allows students to have continuous access to new and relevant cannabis information. Additional modules are being developed by the Medical Marijuana Learning team to help the patient, cannabis consultant and the independent learner gain a greater understanding of cannabis, cannabis-related science, treatments for substance abuse, communication skills, professional ethics and ailments, as well as state-specific medical marijuana laws and policies.

Online Cannabis Education

Our team of medical marijuana professionals has developed state-of-the-art online eLearning programs for medical marijuana education. The online courses we offer are designed to provide medical professionals, cannabis business owners and staff the knowledge and certifications needed to be successful and knowledgeable in the cannabis industry.


Medical Cannabis Handbooks

Medical Marijuana 411 is proud to partner with Springer Publishing, one of the largest medical publishers in the world, to produce the Medical Cannabis Handbook. Based on the latest research, this book demonstrates the efficacy of cannabis in treating a broad range of symptoms and conditions and is a great reference guide for not only healthcare professionals, but anyone wanting to understand cannabis as medicine.

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