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A Story of Hope and Community

Daily Dose 2011-06-03 0 comments

By Letitia Pepper

The Human Solution mosaic is the symbol of the group held together by all the help from every little piece to make the whole strong.

A few days ago, I sent out an e-mail asking if anyone could provide a very sick woman, Ronna Lee, with some cannabis indica.

She’s got many health problems, and had recently fallen and fractured some ribs on top of her other problems.

Less than 24 hours later, I’d had e-mails from the high desert and Mark and Jeriann who live near Big Bear.

Kelly wasn’t coming to the MAPP meeting, but found someone — the wonderful Joe Grumbine from The Human Solution, who was willing to go pick up some indica from Kelly for Ronna Lee and bring it to the meeting.

Mark and Jeriann have very serious health problems themselves, and it’s difficult for them to travel, too.  But they were willing to share some indica and some hash, too, if they could find someone to come get it.

By that point, Kelly had already volunteered to donate medicine, so I told them not to worry about getting it “down the hill.”

After the MAPP meeting, I went to Ronna Lee’s house even though it was 10 pm, because she sounded so bad when she’d called.  Her caregivers greeted me with relief — Ronna Lee was in very bad shape.

In addition to the health problems, the fall and the fractured ribs, her doctor, after 10 years, decided to cut off prescribing Xanax — so she was going through withdrawals and high anxiety, too.

After smoking the indica, she was soooooo much better!

It quickly relieved her pain, calmed her down, and cheered her up.

Kelly had sent her a decent amount, too, so she did not have to immediately worry about running out.

She had called Lanny Swerdlow earlier in the week to see if he could help her find any medication, and so, because I’d come from the MAPP meeting, she had thought the medicine had come from him.

When she realized that it had come from people she didn’t even know — and that several people she didn’t know had offered to help her, she began to cry.

She was as genuinely touched as anyone I have ever seen, and wants to send her heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped her or wanted to help her.

Ronna Lee’s “medicine run” also meant I got to see Joe Grumbine, too, and to hear about The Human Solution’s great work at a criminal trial of a cannabis patient charged with illegal cannabis activities.

Thank you all again — it’s wonderful to work with such a kind and generous group of people!!   Letitia Pepper for CPR