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Adventures of the Green Team

Daily Dose 2011-06-30 1 comment

By John Grace |  Published in The Human Solution

Supporters from The Human Solution and Landa Prison Outreach Program (LPOP) filled the entire courtroom where Catrina Falbo had her charges dismissed.

The Green Team. I guess that’s what they are calling us at the courts these days.

I’m glad because it was a good week as far as weeks in court go.

Catrina Falbo had her case dismissed, Tara Sorenson achieved a good plea agreement, and we are turning out about 25 people whenever we show up. This fills over half the courtroom. I wonder what they think?

We are a mismatched bunch showing up unabashed at courtrooms and council meetings. Lots of representatives from the over 55 contingent with our silver hair proudly glinting in the sunlight have been on hand to lend support.

Some of us are new cannabis patients while some have been warriors for legalization for over 40 years.

The younger group is also abundantly represented, considering that they often have to take off work to take part in these actions.

Some are also martyrs to the Catch 22 of quasi-legalization we exist under or have family members suffering alongside.

Aside from our green ribbons adorned with small red crosses we look like Middle America, not like the organized crime figures prosecutors want to paint us as.

Judge Gallivan in West Court really seemed to take this to heart when he pronounced that Catrina Falbo was obviously not a drug dealer . He dismissed all charges brought against her by a Huntington Beach sting operation targeting her Delivery Service.

Tara Sorenson’s Judge in Santa Ana Court seemed to be of like mind when he commented on her plea agreements’ year of formal probation saying that when it was over everything would be dismissed.

The Judge also sympathized with her status as a patient and ordered that she be allowed to use cannabis medication during her probation.

HempRadio ( was on hand to conduct interviews with attorneys Chris Glew and Scott Well, who gave us insight into the law and the court process.

This was helpful as the process these bodies use seems so archaic and frustrating to most outsiders. Both of these guys are fine attorneys and I’m glad they are on our side.

This article wouldn’t be complete without a big thank you to Joe Grumbine and The Human Solution for providing the organization, the alerts, and the last minute calls to action. Your leadership on this issue has been instrumental in us gaining the credibility and participation to be able to help more people.

If you’re a victim of judicial prosecution for medical marijuana, call Joe and The Human Solution so we can support you too in your struggle with the courts.

If you are a supporter join up to receive action alerts. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to come every time; few of us are able to do that. Come when you can and above all spread the word.

Join us and be a part of a community that is working to help people caught between a system where they are both legal and illegal for the same actions. You ’ll learn a lot, have fun, and be with good, caring people who share your appreciation of cannabis.

We are here to help. Log on to and sign up today! Really, right now, log on!


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