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After Repeal Falls Through in Montana, Feds Raid Multiple Medical Marijuana Facilities

Rich 2011-03-14 0 comments

Jason Christ has been getting a lot of attention in Montana because he goes out of his way to get patients their paperwork, and now the Feds have raided several locations after a repeal effort failed.

According to Americans for Safe Access, there are multiple DEA raids happening right now in Montana.

The timing is clearly an attempt to influence lawmakers, who are considering a bill to repeal the state’s medical cannabis law right now.

It is unconscionable that the DEA would use their police powers to interfere in the Democratic process in the state.

This is another example of the Administration failing to live up to the early promise of a better policy. ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer is on the ground providing support for victims and helping orchestrate a response.

ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer testified before the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday in opposition to HB 161, a bill that would repeal the state’s six-year old medical cannabis law, before setting off on a three-day tour of the state.

Judiciary Committee members delayed a voteon the bill, which has already been approved by the full House of Representatives.

ASA is opposing HB 161 to preserve access for patients in Montana, and calling on lawmakers there to properly regulate medical cannabis instead of repealing it.

Ms. Sherer is visiting cities around the state this weekend to hold stakeholder’s meetings to talk about how to push back on HB 161.

Grassroots opposition to the bill is essential. Research and experience show that lawmakers are more likely to respond to a broad and genuine citizen’s movement than lobbyists in St. Helena.

ASA works on the frontlines with patients and providers, because medical cannabis patients advocating for their own needs are the most effective advocates for their own rights.

That is why ASA makes training and skills building priorities in our work.

We ignore the repeal effort in Montana at great risk to patients. Medical cannabis opponents are exploiting growing public ambivalence about medical cannabis nationwide, and this has a real impact on policies that effect patients’ welfare.

Opponents are also trying to repeal medical cannabis laws in New Mexico and Oregon. Other states may follow.

This battle will take place at the local level, too, where cities and counties in the fifteen medical cannabis states consider ordinances that severely limit or prohibit safe access to medicine.

I hope you will support ASA in our efforts to build the powerful and effective grassroots movement to push back on opposition like what we are seeing in Montana – and to push forward in the work of protect and expanding patients’ rights nationwide.