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Americans for Safe Access Flunk Obama, Start "Sick and Tired Campaign"

Daily Dose 2011-04-22 0 comments

ASA National is launching the “Sick and Tired” Campaign.   Your participation in this campaign will send a clear message to President Obama from the medical cannabis community:

“We are sick and tired. We are suffering from chronic or debilitating conditions, and we are weary of false promises that do nothing to protect our rights as patients.”

After giving the medical cannabis community a false sense of security, Obama’s administration has taken its gloves off with its approach to the medical cannabis community.  The Obama administration continues to ignore state laws and raid medical cannabis patients and facilities, while creating new ways to marginalize our community.

ASA’s Sick and Tired Campaign involves approaching the federal government from several angles, and we need your help to reach every corner of Obama’s administration.

Today, ASA released Obama’s Report Card. This details federal interference with state sanctioned medical cannabis laws under the Obama administration, and Obama fails. Even though he promised to not use federal resources to interfere with states’ medical cannabis laws, Obama’s administration has continued raiding legal patients and facilities.

Additionally, the administration has launched new tactics and constructed new roadblocks for patients, including issues related to patient privacy, access, banking, taxation, and threats of filing suit against state employees who participate in upholding state law.

Dale Schafer and Mollie Fry

ASA is also hosting a National Day of Action on May 2, centered on Dale Schafer and Mollie Fry’s surrender date in Sacramento, CA. Fry and Schafer are legal patients who were arrested and convicted without a defense under President Bush.

They appealed their sentence, which was vigorously fought by the Obama administration in the Ninth Circuit. Fry and Schafer’s sentences were upheld in November. Ask President Obama to grant Mollie Fry clemency by clicking here, or by calling 202-456-1111.

Keep an eye out for information about a Sick and Tired rally near you.

ASA’s Sick and Tired Campaign will bring new accountability to Obama’s administration. Please help ASA hold Obama to his word and protect patients across the nation.

To take action now, click here to sign our electronic petition urging Obama to end federal interference in existing medical cannabis programs, and legitimize medical cannabis for the sick and dying across the country. You can find a .pdf version of our petition by clicking here, please print it out and circulate it among your community. Send the signed petition back to ASA’s Washington, DC Office.

Also, take time to contact President Obama’s re-election campaign staff by clicking here,to email Obama’s re-election campaign, or call 312-698-3670 to ask how can he expect re-election support from the medical cannabis community when he has not yet lived up to one promise he has made.

We are sick and tired, but we won’t give up until there’s safe access.

Please, help ASA in the pursuit of patients’ rights by making a donation today.