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Arizona Voters Reject Prop 203

Daily Dose 2010-11-03 0 comments

ARIZONA — Arizona voters have narrowly rejected Proposition 203 which would have legalized medical marijuana. There are a few votes still being counted and the Prop. 203 contest is very close. State election counts show 661,988 votes against medical marijuana and 655,285 votes in favor of 203.

The 6,700-vote difference will be tough to overcome with only a small amount of votes outstanding. Voters in some other states also rejected similar marijuana measures.

The medical community is split on the idea of medicinal pot with advocates pointing out it helps with chronic pain and some illnesses. Detractors point out that smoking anything, tobacco or marijuana, is not good for you and outweighs other benefits.

Prop. 203 was opposed by Gov. Jan Brewer, U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl and the Arizona Cardinals football team.

source: Phoenix Business Journal