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Autism – Medical Marijuana

Daily Dose 2012-06-07 0 comments

Autism – Making it to Joey’s 11th Birthday

Transcript: I am tired. I am tired but his progress and the information… People are calling me and I have family’s contacting me, I have doctor’s contacting me, I have educator’s contacting me asking me not only how can I help but what did you do? Where did you find the research and how did you find the research?

I have to direct them back to Joey. Not only is he the research but he is the cause. Every fight, everything I have ever done since he was born has led me up to this point. He is the reason. NO one should be thanking me anymore, they should be thanking Joey. He has pulled everything out of me, everything that I need to continue to lead. He is the reason I know who I am now and I know what I am here for. I don’t think that I have ever looked at autism as a bad thing. I don’t think I have ever looked at Joey and thought he is going to hold me back.

Between autism and Joey (they) have made me a very strong person. Strong enough to pull other parents out of their desperate state. To lead the pack and let them know, I was were you were and I made it. If you can’t make it, I will grab your hand and take you with me. I owe it to Joey. I am a better parent. I have a healthy child now and I have a child that is here.

On his birthday to receive so many phone calls from everyone and it seemed from across the country saying, happy birthday. We are very happy to see Joey make it to his 11th birthday. I knew, my family knew and everyone around us in the community knew that Joey might not make it to his 11th birthday. So, to see him dance last week two days after his birthday, in the car, to a Snoop Dog song. We would have never seen it. I owe it to a doctor who always thought outside of the box. When I think of unconventional treatment and unconventional period I think of Dr. Bernard Rimland.

More about The Unconventional Foundation for Autism, founded by Mieko Hester Perez for her son Joey who has autism.

The Mission of The Unconventional Foundation for Autism (UF4A.ORG) An Informational Website: is to (1)raise awareness and support for families afflicted with this mysterious and misunderstood condition known as Autism; (2) to raise funds for medical research and clinical trials (for full disclosure of details on research & trials please contact UF4A Legal Counsel); (3) to provide functional support of the (IDEA) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to parents in need.

UF4A.ORG is leading the way in nontraditional treatments and therapies not covered by healthcare providers or that place a burden on families who cannot afford services such as Aquatic Therapy, additional Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapies, your contributions will directly help support the advancement of our mission.

The Unconventional Foundation for Autism specifically invokes the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press without prejudice. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease but are proven useful for the promotion of health and life extension. UF4A.ORG recommends that licensed local healthcare professionals are consulted.