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BREAKING NEWS – Marijuana Charges From Two Raids Thrown Out for Medical Marijuana Patient

Rich 2011-03-31 0 comments

BREAKING NEWS – Marijuana Charges From Two Raids Thrown Out for Medical Marijuana Patient
by Sam Sabzehar – Co-Founder Medical Marijuan

Susan Soares, getting ready to spend time, and tax dollars, turns herself in to Det. Carlborg, Monday. She was released without any medical marijuana charges Wednesday by Judge Mark Windham. (Photo credit:

In a surprising turn of events, Judge Mark Windham has dismissed all marijuana charges for medical cannabis patient Susan Soares, who was also given explicit permission to continue to grow and consume her medicine.

Records from both raids have been requested through the Freedom of Information Act that will reveal how much money was spent by the South Bay Narcotics Task Force for both raids on Ms. Soares.

Knowing the facts of the case first hand, it was only a matter of time before Susan was sent free, and after spending two days at the Redondo Beach police station, she was finally allowed to submit those facts to Judge Windham, who saw those facts clearly and respected her rights.

There had a series of raids that took place shortly after a branch of Health and Human Services undated their website to include language reflected the medicinal value of cannabis, and while a majority of those raids, around 48 raids in 24 hours, took place on collective and dispensaries, Ms. Soares was raided for growing medicine in her own home, for her own medical needs.

All 48 raids were on medical marijuana patients to some degree and all in states that allow cannabis for medicinal use.

While narcotics task forces around the country have the duty to follow “criminals” in dealing with narcotics in some way, medical cannabis has been the main focus and soon we will know how much money was spent focusing in on the innocent.

The detectives in the South Bay Narcotics Task Force have missed out on the opportunity to stop dangerous drug, and dangerous people dealing with those drugs because he has spent so much time and effort on Susan, just to have his case against her thrown out.

Had the department, after verifying with Susan’s physician her medical needs as a cannabis patient, done their job correctly, who knows how many lives could have been influenced for the better by focusing their attention on real dangers that exist and true threats to public safety.

Government corruption has opposing forces besides the power of the people, and when some good folks in some of the branches in our government’s tree remember the dream that has come to fruition that is better known as America, the winds of change carry with it the strength of the very roots we all grew out of.  And with yesterday’s ruling, more medical marijuana patients feel those winds of change on their backs.