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Cannabis Cultivation Workshop Takes Techniques to a New High

Daily Dose 2011-04-19 1 comment

By Joe Grumbine

JP Poseiden's Aquaponics class teaches how fish can help land plants grow!

The Willow Creek Springs Botanical Garden was the perfect setting for The Human Solution’s Cultivation Workshops on April 9th & 10th.

The Human Solution in production with “The Source” brought an educational experience in cultivation techniques to a new high.

Saturday’s events were greeted with a cool, cloudy morning.

To get the event rolling, JP Poseidon started the day with a very enlightening demonstration of aquapontics. He explained the working, symbiotic relationship between the three main components plants, fish, and bacteria.

His informative workshop encompassed every detail and a working exhibit of aquapontics will be on display at the gardens permanently.

DJ Short; breeder extraordinaire entertained guests by round table discussions on his new and old world breeding artistry.

Sarah Diesel's talks about ingestion methods, which sparked a lot of interest at Willow Creek Springs, as many of the group members and attendees are slightly older than the perceived population of the medical cannabis crowd.

Sarah Diesel had an amazing presentation on ingestion techniques.

Don Duncan; A.S.A and Joe Grumbine; The Human Solution, were speakers for unity in the movement and the importance of educating the community.

Other special guests included Stephanie Landa from Landa Prison Outreach Program, Jessica Gelay from D.P.A., Hemp for Jobs and Wisdom Organics.

The evening embodied the essence of unity; fireside dinner, fresh honey, live entertainment from Bennett of Hunters & Gathers, Soul Ignition, and a special surprise appearance by Desert Rose’s Candace Klie.

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  1. Joe

    What a great weekend!
    looking forward to the next one