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In this one hour online module, you will learn about Glaucoma as a condition that effects more than 60 million people worldwide and is a leading cause of blindness. You will learn about the symptoms and statistics of the condition, as well as the traditional medications used to treat Glaucoma and their subsequent side effects. Peer reviewed and white paper research is included in this module to discuss best practices for using medical marijuana for treating Glaucoma.

Medical Marijuana 411 interviews Glaucoma patient, Elvy Musikka, and she discusses how traditional treatment options worked and the side effects associated with each medication. Her personal journey details how she fought to become one of the 15 patients approved by the US government to legally use marijuana as part of the Compassionate Investigational New Drug (IND) Program receiving cannabis from the NIDA-sponsored marijuana farm at the University of Mississippi. There are only two living patients of the original program, Elvy being one of them.

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Our 1 hour Glaucoma learning module consists of:

  • One hour online course
  • How cannabis can have a positive impact for patients and alleviate the internal eye pressures for patients afflicted with glaucoma
  • About glaucoma as a condition and conventional treatment options
  • How a patient used medical marijuana to treat her glaucoma and ocular eye pressures
glaucoma cannabis treatment course
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  • Glaucoma Introduction
  • Elvy Musikka
  • How Elvy Musikka Treats Her Glaucoma With Medical Marijuana – Video
  • NIDA
  • Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program
  • Traditional Medications for Glaucoma
  • Glaucoma and Medical Marijuana
  • Glaucoma – Infographic

What's Included

  • Instant access to all course materials
  • Printable and downloadable infographics
  • All research materials used for the online course
  • Lifetime, unlimited access
  • 24/7 access
  • No time limits
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  • Work on your own time and at your own pace
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With over 800+ current, peer-reviewed citations, Medical Marijuana 411 is proud to be the leader in online medical marijuana education for patients, medical professionals, and dispensary consultants.

Additional videos from leading cited experts, scientists and physicians, and downloadable graphics are part of this certification.

Our goal of creating the most current content for this cannabis certification course was obtained by using peer-reviewed research from industry experts. All citations utilized in this course meet standard guidelines and are part of the public domain. Experts listed below are not affiliated with Medical Marijuana 411 and no endorsement or authorization should be inferred by their inclusion on our website.

 Medical Marijuana 411 has included links to each expert to ensure credit is given for their research, legal and scientific studies under the guidelines of “Fair Use.”

All noted, expert research citations are available at the end of each module. Medical Marijuana 411 complies with endnote standards and by a simple click on the hyperlink associated with the endnote, students can easily find the entire research article and/or peer-reviewed study for further reading and analysis.

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