I first became familiar with about 10 years ago, when I beginning to explore the area of medical cannabis research, writing up grants, doing interviews with patients and beginning to explore this. I became aware that there was this conference being held at I think at the University of Iowa the first one, I didnt have any funding to get there. So I called them up and I said, is there a video link up, is there some way I can dial into this to watch it from Montreal where I was based. And I was able to speak to McGill, and they lent me a room, a video screen and a projector. And I watched the whole thing sitting a room, there were three or four of us sitting this room and watched the whole congress. I was amazed in the level of science, and the stories, the patient involvement. What I really liked was the patient involvement. And even today when I gave my talk, I ask the room how many people were patients in the room. And over half the room was patients. And most of the talks that I do, the conferences I go are working with the phycisions and scientists. And its really rewarding to speak to patients, meet them afterward and interact and get a sense of from them to see the level of interest they have in getting that knowledge. So I think I like the patients out of time, because of the patients that are in there. I think that is the critical piece for me.

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