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30 Mar

A Guide To Evaluating Cannabis – Part 2

A GUIDE TO EVALUATING CANNABIS 2 Nicholas King Alpine Herbal Wellness Last month I described key considerations to look for when evaluating the results of growing operations for cannabis.  In this month’s installment, I look at issues more related to the quality of the smoking or vaporizing experiences. CONSUMPTION CONSIDERATIONS Harsh/smooth smoke Initial rate of

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21 Feb

Supervisors Will Dig Into Pot-Growing Ordinance

By Roger H. Alyworth |  Published on ChicoER On Tuesday, Butte County supervisors will get their first look at a proposed marijuana cultivation ordinance that would apply to the unincorporated areas of the county. The proposed ordinance makes it clear that while it says it is in compliance with the Prop. 215, which authorized the

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09 Dec

As Medical Marijuana Proliferates, Pot Prices Decline

Oregon boasts the country’s cheapest pot, with the price of a high quality ounce running $259.13, according to, a site that uses crowd-sourcing methodology to track marijuana prices around the country. (Anonymous users who buy the drug on the street input what they paid — and for how much — and the site averages out prices for the state or territory.) Montana comes in second at $273.87 per ounce. Both states are among the 14 to have passed laws allowing the medicinal use of the drug.

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