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07 Dec

It’s Time To End America’s Failed Cannabis Prohibition

The end of cannabis prohibition is near.

How can one tell? When the beneficiaries of the  status quo—both prohibitionists and  contrabandists—join together to actively oppose long  sought alternatives to America’s  expensive, unsuccessful, anti-free market and Constitution-  warping cannabis prohibition,  then it is clear that change is upon us

The close loss might have turned out to be a narrow victory had the Prop. 19 campaign not received more than 50 percent of the public donations in the last four weeks of the campaign, which did not allow them to have any physical presence in Los Angeles County or the three major cannabis cultivation counties in the north (Mendocino, Humboldt and Sonoma), where, if only a small percentage more of voters had instead favored Prop. 19, then the headline on election night would have been all together different.

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03 Dec

Healing at the Root of the Problem

Cannabis root has been used medicinally for centuries from different parts of the world and to treat a wide range of maladies. The earliest report is from medieval times when the root was said to relieve the agonies of gout and other painful diseases (Nature’s Pharmacy 2007).

In 1696 Georg Eberhard Rumpf (Rumphius), a German physician at the service of the Dutch Crown reported on the use of cannabis root in Indonesia to treat gonorrhea (Rumpf and Beekman 1981, Russo 2002). By 1763 The New English Dictionary said cannabis root applied to skin eases inflammation (Marijuana as Medicine 2005). In the Chinese Materia Medica “juice of the root is thought to have a beneficial action in retained placenta and post partum hemorrhage,(Stuart 1928).

In Argentina cannabis is considered a real panacea and is used to treat tetanus, colic, gastralgia, swelling of the liver, gonorrhea, sterility, impotency, abortion, tuberculosis of the lungs and asthma even the root-bark has been collected in spring, and employed as a febrifuge, tonic, for treatment of dysentery and gastralgia, either pulverized or in form of decoctions.

The root when ground and applied to burns is said to relieve pain. Oil from the seeds has been frequently used even in treatment of cancer (Kabelik, 1960).

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23 Nov

Patients Deserve Medical Marijuana

As an advocate of the full legalization of marijuana, I find it interesting that the arguments chosen by Chelsey Johnson in her Nov. 11 letter to the editor — “Rethinking medical marijuana” — are so bureaucratic.

Do we really care whether people buy regular or extra-strength Tylenol? The fact that drug-related crime in California and Colorado has gone down seems to have flown by her. And the fact that thousands of cancer and AIDS patients are seeing significant quality of life benefits apparently doesn’t matter either.

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18 Nov

US Govt's Patent on Pot, and an End to the War on Drugs

The Dept. of Health and Human Services filed for and was awarded a patent on the medical benefits of cannabinoids derived from cannabis, based on studies done at the National Institute of Health. The patent (#6,630,507) awarded in 2003, states unequivocally that cannabinoids are neuroprotectants and anti-inflammitory, and as such are useful in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases including stroke, trauma, auto-immune disorders, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and HIV dementia. That’s prevention and treatment…

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28 Sep

Right-Wing Think Tank’s Marijuana Policy Paper Takes Absurdity to New Heights

The Heritage Foundation’s Charles Stimson has released a completely bonkers prohibitionist screed on marijuana. Will the think tank retract it? If you want to read one of the most absurd “policy” articles about marijuana in history, go quickly to the website of the Heritage Foundation to read “Legalizing Marijuana: Why Citizens Should Just Say No.” I say quickly because it is truly so absurd, I believe it will be taken down from the site soon.

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08 Apr

AMA Asks Federal Government to Redefine Marijuana to Possess Medicinal Values

In a landmark reversal, the American Medical Association urged the federal government to review marijuana’s schedule classification from a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no medicinal value, so that further ‘development of cannabinoid-based medicines’ can be achieved.

Since 1970, the only government-based research in the country was in the University of Mississippi, where medical marijuana has been grown and distributed, but with little research and control. With the AMA requesting marijuana be reclassified so that medicine can further the advancements of medical marijuana research and help determine the efficacy of medical cannabis for all it’s potential.

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