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Chico City Planning Commission Approves Marijuana Ordinance

Daily Dose 2010-09-22 0 comments

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CHICO, Calif. — The Chico Planning Commission brought the city closer to having a marijuana ordinance Thursday evening.

In a three-to-two vote the commission decided to approve a recommendation that the city have a marijuana ordinance to regulate where and how collectives can operate. Next up, the proposed ordinance will go before the city council.

If passed, collectives would be limited to industrial manufacturing zones and prohibited from selling any paraphernalia. They would also be prohibited from setting up shop within a thousand feet of a school, or within 300 feet of a daycare or residential zone. The ordinance would also limit residential growing to 50 sq. feet.

Some minor changes were made to the original proposal that was up for debate. These changes include making the airport manufacturing district part of the approved zones. Also, collectives will be prohibited from being within a thousand feet of each other.

The proposed ordinance is expected to go before the Chico City Council in October or November. There will be an public hearing announced when the council meeting date is set.