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Colorado Voters OK Dispensaries in 7 Locales

Daily Dose 2010-11-15 0 comments

From Americans for Safe Access

Efforts for Steph Sherer (left) and ASA lead to major victories in counties and cities throughout Colorado, and what looks like a last minute lead for Kamala Harris for California's Attorney General race over Steve Cooley

Colorado faced a large number of local measures on regulating medical cannabis, with voters approving dispensaries or commercial cultivation facilities in at least six counties and two cities. They will join 19 other Colorado cities with regulated access to medical cannabis for qualified patients.

“Colorado voters have helped ensure that their neighbors have safe, community-based access to the medicine they need,” said Brian Vicente of Sensible Colorado, an ASA affiliate. “These communities will also benefit from the new tax revenue and jobs these locally regulated centers create.”

Voters in a number of Colorado municipalities appear to have narrowly defeated measures to allow local dispensaries, but many of these votes remain close.

Colorado counties that approved dispensaries in this election are Alamosa, Costilla, Eagle, El Paso and Park. Garfield County approved licensed cultivation centers but not dispensaries. The cities of Frasier and Minturn also approved dispensing centers.