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Colorado Medical Marijuana Patients Denied Because of Probation

Daily Dose 2011-04-11 0 comments

By Jerome McCollom |  Published in Opposing Views

Medical marijuana has helped many individuals whose pain and suffering cannot be relieved through any other means.

I am a big supporter of the right of someone to use marijuana while in great pain. It is the height of absurdity and injustice for the government to stop individuals from using marijuana, as recommended by a medical doctor, just because enough people in society seek to continue our war on drugs.

In the state of Colorado there is legalized medical marijuana. But if you are on criminal probation in that state, even if the crime had nothing to do with drugs, than you might be denied that right to use that medication, to relieve your suffering.

Well, it depends on the judicial district of the state. The drug war is destroying our rights and wasting tax dollars, and it should really be examined. The war on marijuana is even sillier. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. When have police ever been called to break up a fight between two marijuana smokers?

Lastly, bans on marijuana for medical purposes are even more absurd than just bans on drugs and marijuana. No other medication is banned to individuals on probation, other than marijuana, in the state of Colorado.

Nobody is denied even drugs for erectile dysfunction because of a criminal record. But district attorneys with nothing better to do are willing to go after some poor sap who smokes marijuana because nothing else will take away their pain?

That is just ridiculous.