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Dear Judge: Public Defenders Should Defend Public

Daily Dose 2011-04-15 1 comment

An innocent man mixed up in the legal system and left in the hands of a public defender who didn’t have his interest at heart.

As I prepare for court I wonder what happen to my defense?   Why should I feel safer to plea guilty to something I truly feel I am innocent for?

If I plea guilty and receive Felony charge I will never be able to coach my children in the future.  I have coached other people’s children before I even had kids of my own, just so I would be a better coach for my children when or if they wanted.

That is one freedom that I do deserve as an American.  Before President Obama took office I would have plead guilty out of fear of the federal government.

That fear is gone.

According to state law I was acting legally, and according to a very aggressive investigation from the Department of Children and Family Services that my children were “very well taken care of by both parents” even though medical cannabis grew safely in the backyard.

I knew and have always known that I am a great dad and do everything in my power to give my children a great and happy life.  I need my medication to be this out-going dad.

Without medical cannabis I would be fighting my condition and the side effects of other prescription drugs.  I do not understand the system but I feel I must prove my innocence instead of the prosecution proving my guilt.

My defense was greatly compromised by the removal of the first Public Defender that started to help me get ready for trial, and the insertion of what I would only consider a “cooler”.   She was assigned to take my case after I said I wouldn’t plea.

The only thing she has helped me with since she has been assigned is to explain different plea offers.    She is very good as redirecting me to an unimportant aspect of the case and staying away from details.  She has taken my witnesses and given to her investigator only to learn very little about the witness and state she is not going to use them or forgets we even questioned them.

I have to remind her about the law every time and repeat the very basics.   There are some complicated things I am not sure she will even understand or be able to communicate these points in court.

I did request to have my original attorney Kathy handle my case, and Na stated that I should call Kathy and see if she would take the case.

After several attempts and a month plus had gone by I continued to complain that she does not understand the law regarding my case.   At this point my attorney takes me into the court for a private meeting with the judge about replacing her.

I was not prepared my attorney didn’t give me any warning that we were going to talk about my issues about her.  I am not sure how to put a defense together and I really do not know what I need.

I am getting advised from ASA (Americans for safe access) and other defendants.    They say I should be doing certain things that I have told my attorney but she has done none of them.

My attorney has either scared or deemed my witnesses unnecessary.  She has gone so far as to threaten the Expert whiteness on this case, that if he testifies for me it will tarnish his image.

Please take the time to look over anything you need, I have enclosed several supporting documents regarding my case. Please end this nightmare and do what you feel is right.

I feel my family and myself have paid dearly for our freedom to live happy health lives.


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  1. Joe

    We need to create a program to educate public defenders and defendants alike.
    Our group is working on such a project. looking for a few good folks to help!