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Does Marijuana Help Or Hurt Tourism? The Stats Are In From Colorado

audioburst 2015-12-21 0 comments
Well I know and I am sure you know as the new director of tourism for Colorado when visiting Colorado  comes up among certain folks, like oh ya the state where marijuana along with Washington is easily accessible on a retail basis and I know when you did your study of the impact of this advertising you did ask the question of how important marijuana was to bringing more people in  or the availability of marijuana was, and what did you find? We found that its an interesting topic we found that marijuana motivates almost as many people as


it discourages, some people see it as a positive influence some people see it as a negative influence, but for the majority of our travelers 62 percent of our travelers said its really kind of a ho hum issue it doesn’t matter one way or the other, interesting so at any rate its a very small minority of visitors who said, we came to Colorado just because of your more relaxed rules regarding marijuana. That is true we are one of four states that have legalized marijuana and what we have seen over the past


two years is that about eight percent of our travelers are  saying one of the main reasons or one of the reasons, one of the activities they took part in when they came to Colorado was to visit a marijuana dispensary, that motivated about that was a strong motivation for about 6.8 percent of our travelers this year and that was up from two percent last year.