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EVENTS: Press Conference For Mieko and Joey

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Contact: Jeremy Joseph

Phone: 240-626-3314

UF4A Press Conference Regarding Autism & Medical Marijuana

When: November 1, 2010 11 AM

Where: HOPE Wellness Collective, Bristol Park Medical Building, 13950 Milton Westminster Ca 92683

Media/Press Arrival: 10:45am

In 2009, Mieko Perez decided to go public regarding her sons success with medical marijuana treatment for his Autism. She has been highly reported by Fox News, Good Morning America’s Today Show, The Doctors and other prominent media outlets. Mieko continues to share her son’s story through mainstream media outlets & has formed a non-profit foundation dedicated to alternative autism treatment, The Unconventional Foundation for Autism.

Joey, an 11 year old autistic boy living with severe autism, is alive today because of his mothers research, determination & pure love. Mieko Perez saved her sons life with Medical Marijuana. Joeys Mom’s has found a Prop 215 Compliant & truly safe collective that meets all of her needs as a caretaker & Joeys needs as a patient. The safe access to medicine provided by HOPE Wellness Collective is vital to his treatment & survival.

A Press Conference will be held in front of  HOPE Wellness Collective located at The Bristol Park Medical Building 13950 Milton Ave Westminster Ca 92683. On Monday November 1st 2010 at 11am Mieko Perez & her lawyers will make several breaking news statements to the press. 11 year old, Joey Rodriquez will also be present.

UF4A & H.O.P.E. – Improving the Quality of Life of Special Needs Kids

H.O.P.E. Wellness Collective helps provide much needed assistance for special needs children like Joey, and helps mothers like Mieko through The Unconventional Foundation for Autism.

Please share this video, and come show your support!

Transcription to follow:
I want to thank everybody here today and thank them for coming out my name is Jeremy Joseph. I represent Joseph Rodriguez or as he is better known in the autism community as Joey, and Meiko Perez who is better known in the autism community as Joey’s Mom. And thank everybody who has come out in support of The H.O.P.E. Wellness collective. The city of Westminster would like to stand in the way of Joey and a handful of very sick patients of HOPE from receiving their lawful medicine. The manner in which the city has proceeded in denying HOPE it’s business license robs HOPE, it robs Joey, and it robs every patient of HOPE of their due process under the law. Municipal code of the city of Westminster specifically requires that where the city finds there to be a public nuisance, which is the case here, the city will hold a public hearing at which time members of HOPE and other interested parties may present evidence and testimony to establish the fact that there is no public nascence. We intend to hold the city to that obligation. We intend to have that public hearing. My name is Joshua Shelton; I am the legal council for HOPE Wellness Collective. The HOPE Wellness collective services several autistic patients as well as looks to move forward in the industry as being one of the leaders in treating severely ill patients in the city. The voters of California voted into action the Compassionate Use Act almost 14 years ago. At this point that was followed up with the Medical Marijuana Program Act. As well as another further step, by the Attorney General actually laying out the guidelines for the safe distribution, growth and sale to seriously ill medical marijuana patients. Now these laws have been in effect a very long time and despite these laws and the will of the California voters, Westminster has decided to go out on their own, choose it’s unique path in denying all medical marijuana dispensaries the right to a business license and the right to operate legally within their city. This creates a problem where seriously ill patients are unable to get the treatment they deserve and they need to continue to have a successful life as a person living with a condition that can be very well treated with medicinal marijuana. Here at the HOPE Wellness Collective there are several patients who suffer from seriously ill diseases which range from Cancer to HIV to Autism. At this moment there are experts in the industry who are psychologists, who are medical experts who are recommending their patients specifically to be treated at HOPE Wellness Collective because of a unique blend of capabilities and resources that they have to offer their patients. Just a few of these things include gluten free and Cassin free edibles, which are easily digestible and fit the diet of autistic children. I encourage people come down to this medical building a very unique setting for a collective to be housed within. I hope the city takes note that HOPE Wellness has taken special precautions, and steps to diligently follow the California state law as well as any law that is in place within the surrounding counties. And I encourage the general public maybe choose a side and support causes that are making a difference in peoples lives. Meiko — I stand here not only in support in one of the safest collectives in California HOPE Wellness Collective but for the many parents who have contacted the Unconventional Foundation for Autism, and hopes and for providing a better quality of life. The only medication that has had a meaningful side effect free impact on my son’s life is cannabis and I have an army of parents with the same results. Our children’s lives depend on collective like HOPE the one standing with me today. The one the city is trying to shut down. And doctors like board certified physiatrist Dr. Rebecca Hedrick from UCI Medical Center who still believes in the oath they take when they become doctors, to preserve life. I stand here to protect and acknowledge a collective that is providing safe access and a family friendly medical setting for new parents who have chosen cannabis for a safe and effective treatment. HOPE Wellness Collective is the collective of the future and our children are the patients of today. Here’s Joey, Joey is a patient of HOPE Wellness Collective. I’m speaking out for Joey and every Joey’s mom and HOPE Wellness Collective. To every agency, city and closed mind that think collectives should be closed down and cannabis ruins lives, I have news for you. Walk a mile in our shoes, and you’ll be looking for hope too. Thank you.

Devin Calloway from and Sam Sabzehzar from shot and chopped this footage to send to the media outlets that had requested it. It is a rough cut from November 2 and we will keep everyone informed as this story continues to unfold.