Chris Nazarenus

Chief Vision Officer & Co-Founder
Before co-founding Medical Marijuana 411, Ms. Nazarenus successfully sold, implemented and configured Digital Asset Management Systems for Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest publishers in the world. She is an expert in social media and digital strategies and content management specialist offering digital consulting services to top brands for their online strategies. She is also quoted in DA Benton’s book, How to Act Like a CEO.

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Nikki Wright

VP of Operations
Nikki is a driven, accomplished business woman with experience in operations, regional management, and finance with a rare fusion of drive, cost containment, and knowledge in big box retail management. She is a solid workforce trainer that delivers top-tier management and sales professionals. Nikki has delivered a history of winning results and outstanding performance in productivity, procurement, solutions, and multi-store leadership. She is also an avid runner and has a passion for health, fitness and personal wellness. Nikki holds a MBA with a focus in finance from Portland State University and a Bachelor’s of Science in business marketing from Humboldt State University.

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Rick Beets

VP of Technical Operations
As VP of Technical Operations, Rick is responsible for all the different technical facets of Medical Marijuana 411’s operations. Rick utilizes skills he garnered from a long sales career in the high technology sector. He understands what it takes to deploy sophisticated web applications and is dedicated to achieving the goals of each and every client.

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Andy DeVol

VP of Sales

Andy is a seasoned sales veteran and is a master at helping to guide the sales process for not only Medical Marijuana 411, but our Directory and Digital Services clients as well.

By listening to what they are selling, how they are currently selling and ultimately, what isn’t working, he works side by side with our team to create the optimal online selling strategy.

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Lane Trachy

Digital Content Curator
Lane is based in Southern California and is a content curator for Medical Marijuana 411. He spends his free time playing guitar and walking on the beach. He focuses his research into finding informative stories that can help medical marijuana patients better understand their diverse medicine.



Sam Sabzehzar

Sam Sabzehzar is one of the Co-founders of Medical Marijuana 411. With a foundation of investigative and transactional research on botanicals delivered to the body’s endocannabinoid system, Mr. Sabzehzar has developed unparalleled expertise in the cannabis industry. Throughout, he has established rich relationships with diverse individuals and organizations including nonprofits focused on advocacy, public policy, and science.

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