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FarmVille's burnout cousin, Pot Farm, nominated for video game award

Daily Dose 2011-04-19 0 comments

By Joe Osborne |  Published on

Peaking around 1.5 million monthly users, Pot Farm has earned a nomination for a video game award. (Photo credit: Downtown Eastside Games)

Leave it to the Canadians to not only A. create the first Facebook game revolving around marijuana, but B. have it earn a nomination in the Canadian Video Game Awards.

East Bay Express reports that Pot Farm, the BC Bud-breeding Facebook game that peaked with over 1.5 million monthly players in 2010, has earned a nomination in the annual ceremony.

It’s a fitting description considering the game’s developer, Downtown East Side Games, is from Vancouver in British Columbia.

The East Bay Express Legalization Nation blog estimates that Pot Farm rakes in nearly $150 thousand per month from players who purchase fertilizer from their digital, um, crops.

Regardless, it begs the question: How in the world do worshipers of the fire grass have money to spend on virtual pot plants much less the real deal?

There’s another mildly existential question born of the world’s most hated and beloved plant.

Even if you aren’t from the most chill province on the planet (which could be both good and bad), you can still¬†vote for the game before May 16. Just don’t do it at work.