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Fellow Fighter for His Freedom, David Rios, Found NOT GUILTY on ALL COUNTS

Daily Dose 2011-05-31 1 comment

Court Supporters for David Rios outside the courthouse. (Photo credit:

Hailed as a huge, yet expected, win, David Rios, was found not guilty on all counts of marijuana possession and intent to sell, relating back to a police detention in 2008 where the medical cannabis found in his possession was for his collective.

For some reason still unanswered, Los Angeles D.A. continued to pursue the case, and after trying to trump up charges in the hopes of getting a plea from the defendant, Mr. Rios decided to let a jury of his peers hear the facts and they made a resounding message to the state: “Stop Arresting Providers of Medical Marijuana”.

Congratulations to Mr. Rios, who found a sea of supporters in the courtroom most days.

“It means the world to me to see that kind of support,” said David.  “I fought this because it wasn’t right, what they were trying to do. I’m glad others agree with me, and I will continue to help others in their fight, be it for medicine, or for freedom.”

Thanking the crowd that had gathered while on break, Mr. Rios went on to say how important it is for people like Stephanie Landa, who was instrumental in getting the word out that court support was needed, explained how important it was for the jury to see.

Joe Grumbine, who held an event over the weekend aptly titled “Freedom Fighters Festival,” also played a big part supporting the defendant, including making sure fellow freedom fighters were on hand wearing The Human Solution’s Solidarity Ribbon.

“The D.A. is scared.  He’s been calling us ‘the army’ when asking if we’ve arrived yet,” explains Ms. Landa, who was not allowed to bring up the medical defense in her own case almost five years ago.

After spending almost four years in jail for growing marijuana in a permitted grow for collectives in San Francisco, Stephanie Landa found herself on the wrong end of federal charges and was not allowed to bring up the medical defense, and there were no ribbons in the courtroom.

This time, “the ribbons played a huge roll,” says Stephanie.  ”

Allison Margolin and her client, David Rios, outside the courthouse after the verdict came back Not Guilty on all counts of marijuana possession and intent to sell. (Photo credit: Stephanie Landa)

His lawyer, Allison Margolin, couldn’t agree more.

Ms. Margolin, who will be defending Joe Grumbine’s partner in June in a Long Beach court, underscored the frustration by the prosecutor, ever more illuminated when “he asked the judge to ban the ribbon at one point, however the judge wisely refused.”

Being found not guilty on all counts is a good sign for Grumbine, who spent several days in court supporting David and who has taken a similar position and wants a jury of his peers to hear all the facts.

Mr. Rios is expected to attend Joe’s fight in Long Beach, which is to begin jury selection next week.


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  1. j guttman

    congratulations! though I’m a licensed grower I’ve been hassled by local police and sherrifs dept. i fear them everyday. thanks for the good fight!