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Freshman Lawmaker in New Mexico Withdraws Medical Marijuana Repeal Bill

Daily Dose 2011-03-11 0 comments

Published in NECN

A freshman lawmaker has withdrawn a measure to repeal New Mexico’s medical marijuana law, and instead is asking for a study of it.

Republican Rep. Jim Smith of Sandia Park asked that his repeal measure not be heard by the House committee where it was sent.

Smith says there wouldn’t be enough time to fully debate the bill.

He has introduced a memorial asking the state Department of Health to study the impact of the 2007 law.

The memorial asks for a report by October.

A memorial is a request, without force of law.

The House has not taken up the memorial.

Gov. Susana Martinez has said the medical marijuana law puts state employees in the position of violating federal law, which classifies marijuana as an illegal drug.