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Golden Rain Foundation Bans Marijuana in Community Garden Centers

Daily Dose 2010-12-01 0 comments

By Claire Webb, published in The Orange County Register

Medical marijuana can no longer be grown in the community gardens, but residents can still grow their medicine in their private garden spaces

The Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) board in Laguna Woods Village Tuesday approved a policy prohibiting residents from growing medical marijuana in community garden centers.

The GRF board, a community association that oversees recreation facilities, gave initial approval to the policy in September.

In February, GRF’s legal counsel, Hart, King & Coldren, advised against allowing medical marijuana to grow in open garden centers because it could pose a safety risk for the community.

Residents can still grow marijuana for medical use at home or on their own patios. California law allows patients and caregivers to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal medical purposes with a recommendation from a physician