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GrassRoots WORLDWIDE!! It's time to UNITE!

s.banda 2011-05-13 0 comments

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful lunch with a man who contacted me from the UK. He had Crohn’s Disease and just like myself, he has come to the Unites States to have more freedom to experiment with the medication and the different strains this plant has to offer. I was so excited to meet him, another activist who is so passionate about this plant, he knows how much it helps and just wants to help to inform others. He has a new¬†weekly podcast on¬† . ¬† The podcast shows his passion for real hope,¬†his thirst for truth, his¬†candid sickness, and his hunger for not only his own relief, but others along the way.

Please check out his videos, share this story and follow his wild adventure as he enjoys his travels.  He is why I continue to tell my story everyday and it is a glorious feeling to know that my life, my experience, my health somehow empowered him. Today was a really good day.

Shona Banda – Author of “Live Free or Die” and a contributor to Medical Marijuana

If you would like to help in this movement you can participate in the Shona Banda Book Bomb:

Send “Live Free or Die” to your local Representatives and Lawmakers, your local Clergyman and Police Officers, to your Teachers and even your Grandmother! On this July 4th, we can once again Gain our INDEPENDANCE by educating those around us!! JOIN in on this MASSIVE GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT through education, IGNORANCE can easily be OVERCOME!! This book is what WILL WAKE the sleeping GIANT we have all been waiting for! Lets JOIN together to END PROHIBITION through education! This book is the key that can and will UNLOCK the door, not only for HOPE, but also TRUTH we as the people of the WORLD need to know… NOW!
On JULY 4th Pick your Person!! Send them a Book!! Spread the word and share the message! Pay-it-Forward for FIRECRACKER DAY!!