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Herb of the Moment – Earth OG

Daily Dose 2010-09-28 0 comments

LONG BEACH – On Friday evening (September 10, 2010) I stopped by the collective to photograph a very nice strain which had just come in, an OG Kush variety called Earth OG.

This is the second batch of this strain I’ve seen, the first being back in July. Some AAC members might fondly remember it as being an excellent OG Kush variety. Well, the grower has done another great job, maybe even better, with this current batch.

My Subjective and Informal Review

This strain is mostly Sativa, even though it has the density of a Kush, which is predominantly Indica. This strain also has the delightfully, pungent earthiness you often find in a Kush strain.

This batch is nicely cured and rolls into joints that burn very well. A great Kush taste lingers in the mouth long after the joint is finished.

I found the high to be mentally active like a Sativa while giving the body a nice fuzzy feeling. Taking more than a couple of hits will definitely send you into a distracted, stoney-mode – but in a really good way. I just thought you should be forewarned. Medicate wisely and in the appropriate setting.

Photo Gallery

Current Batch

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Photos from July, 2010

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Author’s Note:
This Herb of the Moment review was first posted on the AAC – Apothecary’s Assistants Collective website on September 11, 2010. AAC is now a part of The Treehouse Collective. I’m working on some new Herb of the Moment reviews for Medical Marijuana 411, but as I work on the Strains Library I’ll be re-posting some of my Herb of the Moment postings from this last year at AAC – with strain info, original photos and informal reviews.