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Groups Rally Together To Support Joey

Daily Dose 2010-09-23 0 comments

“I’m not worried about how autism got here, I’m more concerned with the quality of life for our children…” – Mieko Perez,

Friends of Harmony On Planet Earth and, gathered together to support Joey and the Unconventional Foundation for Autism during an event this past August H.O.P.E. Wellness Center.

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Here is the full transcript:

When it comes to Medical Marijuana President Obama)….now it sounds shocking, medical marijuana to treat Autism….(News Clip)
Kyle, painted HOPE, Harmony on Planet Earth, on wall –

What’s up guys, I’m Kyle, the artist, muralist, graffiti artist,, I’m here in HOPE Wellness Collective, I wanted to show you the mural I just did…really excited I just did it. It’s for to support Joey’s mom (Mieko Hester Perez) the paint was donated by Blubber, go to to check them out.  This is all about to support Joey’s mom, who is truly courageous, she got HOPE Wellness Collective to donate (their wall)…thanks for the fun mural, the good time..lots of color. Thanks.

Aloho I am Kimo and I support Joey’s mom.  Please, please support  Hi, I my name is Glen and I am at HOPE Wellness Collective to support and Joey’s mom.  Get your bracelet, get your ticket to help support  Hi I am David at HOPE Wellness Collective, pick your bracelet and support Joey’s mom, Support, get your bracelet, get  your tickets…support Hi everybody, how are you doing.  My name is Courtney Gibson also known as Existereo from Los Angeles, I am supporting everything that Joey’s mother is doing, you should check it out at, Uncoventional Foundation For Autism, thank you very much…peace out.

Meiko Hester Perez- What the medical marijuana is doing for Joey, is what 13 medications have never been able to do. He is eleven (11) years old and this is the first time he is able to make a sound and now he is trying to form different words. There was no way I could go to sleep at night (not) knowing that my son would be ok and no other family should have to go through that.  I want others to be able to call me, that’s why the foundation exists.  This is very personal for me to turn this whole industry around and educate people about medical marijuana.

Savion, I am here to tell you about a few things about, first thing is this guitar signed by Rome and Sublime… check out the website so you can figure out how to win this guitar at…
Hi my name is Bill Britt and I support Joey’s mom and the Unconventional Foundation for Autism,  UF4A ..YEAH!  Hi this is Kevin over here at HOPE I want to let you know to get on to get a bracelet, sign up to win the guitar and support Joey’s mom.  I’m Kayleigh and I’m Shane go and get your bracelet to help Joey’s mom…all the way.  (MONTAGE)

“I’m not worried about how autism got here, I’m more concerned with the quality of life for our children…”- Mieko Perez,

Special thanks to H.O.P.E. Wellness Center, Bill Britt,  Sublime, Rome Ramirez, and to everyone who supports Joey and the Unconventional Foundation for Autism. assisted with the production of this video.