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In Hawaii, Top State Lawmakers Seek Answers To Medical Marijuana Shortage

Daily Dose 2010-11-26 0 comments

In Hawaii, top state lawmakers are considering at all options in finding a way for qualified patients to receive medicinal marijuana.

In Hawaii, state lawmakers are looking to make more medical marijuana available, and seeking the advice from exemplary states that already have the medicine available to patients.

While the state has medical marijuana as a treatment option for qualified patients, the Hawaii doesn’t actually have a way of dispensing the medicine to patients.

There are some patients… that are getting their medicine on the black market,” Will Espero, Public Safety Chairman

One idea they are leaning towards is allowing a caregiver to grow for more than one patient, which is the current situation now.

They admit that they can’t really do it as a state because they don’t know how to as well as those that are already doing it, signaling a change from the way most states end up (mis)handing medical marijuana distribution to qualified patients.