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After Special Needs Teen is Targeted by Police for Pot at School, Temecula Hosts Town Hall Meeting

Sam Sabzehzar 2013-08-12 0 comments

By Sam Sabzehzar

After it was widely reported that an undercover drug sting involved local police targeting a special needs high school teenager, the city of Temecula is having at its Town Hall center a community discussion, with the parents of the teen, who was approached by the officer to sell him drugs.

Also on hand to participate in the discussion will be former LAPD Deputy Chief Steve Downing, former Lieutenant from the Redondo Beach Police Department, who now both work with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), and Lynne Lyman, who is the state director for the Drug Policy Alliance.

There will be a live stream of this meeting, and local experts as well as state wide stakeholders will be on hand and will include a Q&A.

There will be a meeting in Temecula to address this critical issue that threatens our community and erodes our trust in police.