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Is LIFE worth taking the risk to LIVE?

Daily Dose 2011-03-23 0 comments

Shona Banda - Author 'Live Free or Die'

Is LIFE worth taking the risk to LIVE?
Author: Shona Banda ‘Live Free or Die’ – BUY it here
March 23, 2011

Electropig (fb screen name) brought up some really great points in a comment on a post I made yesterday.

What is “legal” murder? (docs and RX meds)

What is “illegal” murder? (guns and stuff)

This brings up the question of is this PROHIBITION a world wide GENOCIDE?

Well… it is a great question! If “they” and by that I mean “Gov’s” around the world. If “they” know of the properties of the cannabis flower and have been dilibratly holding it from us… does this constitute as murder? is it any better that they do it with a smile while they line thier pockets with your money? Does the “white coat” make you feel safe? Couldnt this be used as a legitamate defense?!

At this point the only thing holding this Nation and WORLD back is FEAR… kiddos FEAR is nothing but an illusion… its a personal ficticious jail you put yourSELF in!

Now, look at this logically… Im not sure about other states (if you know please share) but in Co. It says right on the application for the card that IT DOES NOT PROTECT YOU FROM FEDERAL PROSECUTION…

SOOOO… folks all of you currently holding a card and really think its safe…

Its only words on a piece of paper! It really is out there to give you piece of mind… to make you feel safe as “they” can cataloug who and what is going on. Anyone remember the movie TOMMY BOY?

Sooo, you have 2 steaming piles of POO in boxes… but on one box there is a guarantee, the one with the guarantee will likely sell first because it gives you PEACE OF MIND… in the end its still a box of shit isnt it?

… What can really protect you from Federal or State prosocution?

EVIDENCE! How many of you know where to find evidence now?

In a court of law isnt it Evidence that counts!?

Do you know how to Google search? Have you tried these? phoenixtears+rick simpson / or granny storm crow’s list

There is so MUCH MORE out there now for ANYONE to find! Video testimonial can also be used as evidence. They are out there and it is so MOVING to see others stand up to share with the world! How many of you were moved by a video testimonial? How many Jurors on a Jurry of Peers could look at some of these Testimonials?

Look…. Im just planting a seed here and asking some solid questions.

What do you think?