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Join Americans for Safe Access for a National Call to Action!

Daily Dose 2011-02-10 0 comments

The National Call to Action is the nation’s first medical cannabis virtual skill-building conference. Re-pledge your commitment to safe and legal access by joining thousands of your fellow activists for two days of community-building, skill-sharing, and strategic planning.

For nearly a decade ASA has been hosting trainings and workshops to build capacity among our base and mobilize our activists. When we began this work, ASA focused on the battles in California.

Today our scope is national, and we get pleas from almost every state asking us to help them activate their base and build a strategy to ensure safe access.

ASA’s success over the years has been a combination of strategic efforts from a knowledgeable staff, and an ability to empower and mobilize a grassroots base for medical cannabis issues. We have always known the path to victory will be a patient-led movement, and through years of outreach, education and training, ASA has laid the foundation for that path.

ASA is hosting this conference virtually to better reach the thousands and thousands of patients and activists who need our trainings – we know that in these tough economic times we’ll train with more breadth and depth if we’re able to bring ASA to the masses, rather than the masses to ASA.

Local hosts will receive a DVD of trainings, workshops, and speeches from key leaders and allied politicians, and will join in direct community-building interactivity opportunities with ASA. These DVDs will allow us to memorialize our trainings, making these resources available for chapters to use over and over again as new activists join the movement.

The ripple effect of hosting this conference through DVD is tremendous – we know that the benefits of the valuable information organized within will well outlast the two-day event.

Get registered now for the ASA Activist Boot Camp happening in your city!

Contact Amber Langston ( about organizing your own local Boot Camp, or you can host an event in your city.  We’ll provide you with everything you’ll need!

Also, please add us to your Facebook Events and invite your friends! (

Thanks for your work in supporting patients’ rights to safe access!