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Daily Dose 2010-06-08 0 comments

Mieko Hester-Perez , Cheryl Shuman, James Gierach, Julie Falco, Matthew Abel, And Brandy Zink To Join 420 University

The Science and Compassionate Care Seminar, presented by 420 University, has extended its speaker presentations to address comprehensive issues in medical marijuana education during its two-day industry conference on July 10 – 11 in Kalamazoo, Mich.

Due to the surge of interest in medical cannabis, an increasingly broad number of industries are witnessing rising demands for continuing education focused on cannabis law and science.  Professionals in the 14 states where medical cannabis is now legal must work fast to catch up on information relevant to their careers, clients, and patients.

With the faculty growth of five additional industry experts, 420 University will provide lawyers, doctors, nurses, caregivers and patients extensive education showcasing new science within the therapeutic uses of cannabis, emerging marijuana law, and the challenges faced by professionals and participants in all industries.

Recent speakers to join the Science and Compassionate Care Seminar include:

o    Mieko Hester Perez, Founder of The Unconventional Foundation for Autism

o    Cheryl Shuman, Founder of Beverly Hills NORML and Executive Director of The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

o    James Gierach, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

o    Julie Falco, Patient Advocate and Multiple Sclerosis Survivor

o    Matthew Abel, President and CEO of the Cannabis Counsel, P.L.C.

o    Brandy Zink, Cannabis Patient Advocate and Educator/former Executive Director of Michigan Medical Marijuana Association and the Ohio Patient Action Network

“We’ve taken the concept of an average cannabis college to the next level,” said University President William J. Beaton III.¬† “By serving as an educational umbrella that covers professionals in numerous industries, through all levels of advancement, we are meeting the real demands from a workforce in which we all wear many hats. The truth is, you’ve got to know your co-workers skills, just as well as your own.”

Beaton said that while striving to create the most superior seminar for lawyers, medical professionals, patients, and caregivers, the combination of professional presentations at 420 University has organically shaped another level of distinction for those in the industry of compassionate care.

“Working with such a diverse powerhouse of talented professionals and patient advocates who are fully committed to education and awareness is inspirational, and this is something you can’t put a value on,” said Beaton. “People are attending cannabis colleges to invest in their careers while bettering their lives, at 420 University we also give people the opportunity to invest in humanity and authentic personal empowerment.”

In addition to the specialized focus on continuing education for professionals, the fundamentals of compassionate care for patients and cultivators will also be addressed during the seminar.  Caregivers and patients will be able to effectively hone their skills through certification workshops and hands-on training from renowned experts like Ed Rosenthal, celebrated horticulturalist and professional of Oaksterdam University.

420 University speakers will also include endocannabinoid pioneer Dr. Robert Melamede of Cannabis Science Inc.;  Dr. William Courtney, Vice President of the Association of Luxembourgeois des Methodes Preventives; and Criminal Defense Attorney John Targowski of Kalamazoo, Mich.

Registered attendees and members of the press will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with speakers from the seminar and interview industry professionals during a Meet and Greet held from 5 ‚Äď 8 p.m., Friday July 9 at the¬†Henderson Castle.

To learn more about additional speakers from 420 University or to purchase tickets, visit