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Let's End the War on Plants and Patients

Daily Dose 2011-05-10 0 comments

From our friends Fred Gardner and the Gardner Party… this video includes photos of the ripped-off cannabis garden and were taken in Santa Cruz the day the DEA raided WAMM. The war on plants is made possible by our terrible disconnect from nature.

Here’s a funny little video… funny because it’s true, and because we’ll look back on day at the overwhelming body of evidence that our politicians had political and financial motives for keeping prohibition in place.

For now, when we’re attending rallies and protests, learning this song to sing, dance, and play music will help bring back the non-threatening attitude that non-violent marijuana users are used to being saddled with.

While states within our own union and countries elsewhere in the world take an extreme approach to drug laws, especially cannabis, we must not stop clowning as a form of expression to illuminate injustices that are far too devastating to face head on.

We must learn a language to communicate in, and folk music has always come to the rescue.

Let us not forget that Bob Dylan sang just before Dr. King spoke at March on Washington.  And let us not forget Dr. Martin Luther King’s message of non-violence as a tool to fight a violent institution.

The War on Drugs is a war, but the winner will be the one that doesn’t act violent, as most social justice issues are won without violence rather than with it.

The police need to lock up people and fight a war, just like they exhausted resources during the 50’s and 60’s fighting to maintain the right to bigotry, ultimately losing with the stroke of a pen thanks to the Civil Rights Act.

Today, there is nothing civil about a war on the american population that uses a cannabis and the harder the establishment fights to retain their right to violence as a tool to continue to oppress, the easier it will be to win the war against them, through non-violence, and a little music.

After all, a revolution without dancing is no revolution at all!