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Letter to the Editor: Shocked and Appalled

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-12-04 0 comments

By Charles Monson  |  December 4, 2011

I am absolutely shocked by the most recent developments in the Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron Medical Marijuana trial in Long Beach, and you should be too!

Not only did Judge Charles Sheldon try to deny an affirmative medical marijuana defense, and was overturned by the appellate court, but he has also:

• Been Coaching The Prosecution
• Denied Every Motion by the Defense
• Stopped Defense Attorneys from Questioning Potential Jurors
• Interrupted Defense Attorneys Constantly during their Cross-Examination
• Allowed prosecution every possible advantage
• And erected a screen to prevent the jury from seeing the supporters of Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron

Judge Sheldon is hijacking the law that makes you and I feel safe when we medicate!

This is an OUTRAGE… but it’s not what appalled me.

One of the prosecution’s lead witnesses (undercover cop) has lied in an affidavit to the appeals court, and has tried to physically intimidate one of the defense’s witnesses into changing their testimony! This makes my blood boil!!

Charles Monson (left), Executive Director of Wheels of Mercy, and Joe Grubine from The Human Solution at the Ronnie Naulls BBQ Fundraiser.

But, it’s not what appalled me.

What’s appalling to me is that so few dispensary operators have taken the time to sit in the courtroom and witness the miscarriage of justice being played out in their own back yard!

Dispensaries necessarily fit into two categories; those that have been raided, and those that have not yet been raided.

While dispensary operators sit silently feeling safe and warm in their shops, Sheldon’s court is setting precedent that will be used to shut all but the most politically connected of you down!

Wake up people! Get into this fight now, or plan on losing all of your assets and being left destitute from legal bills when they come for you, and you can be certain they will.

I am appalled that every dispensary in Southern California doesn’t have flyers up encouraging their members to fill the seats in that courtroom and join the demonstration outside! Your fate hangs in the balance!

I know some of you are hesitant to come out to show your support for fear of being singled out by law enforcement, but if we don’t win this battle now, nobody will be singled out, because they will come for ALL of You! This is what a war on drugs looks like and we must fight back!

It’s time to “get up, stand up, and fight for your rights”!


Shocked and Appalled,

Charles Monson