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Lies My Reefer Told Me – DEA Reveal Position on Marijuana

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-01-20 0 comments

Ed Rosenthal

When Ed Rosenthal discovered his name mentioned in the DEA’s “Position on Marijuana 2010”, it began circulating around just long enough for the link to be removed by the Agency’s website.

Marijuana Policy Project was labeled Public Enemy #1 as the DEA reinforces their unchanged position that marijuana laws, regardless of State’s rights as it pertains to medicinal use.

The 54-page document is a who’s who of Reefer Madness. Light on scientific research, as the East Bay Express point out “the little science the DEA cites is biased. The paper almost never discloses the number of patients in a study group, and can’t cite much US research — ironically, because the DEA plays a role in ensuring such studies never get approved.”

The Drug Enforcement Agency did concede that smoking marijuana does not cause lung cancer.

The Express also points out that, as of May 2010, There are 119 researchers registered with DEA to perform studies with marijuana, marijuana extracts, and non-tetrahydrocannabinol marijuana derivatives that exist in the plant, such as cannabidiol and cannabinol. Eighteen of the researchers are approved to conduct research with smoked marijuana on human subjects and “while some people [think] the federal government has relaxed its policy on ‘medical’ marijuana, this in fact is not the case. Investigations and prosecutions of violations of state and federal law will continue.”