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Long Beach Denies Medical Cannabis Convention with $100,000 Budget

Rich 2011-03-06 0 comments

The Long Beach Convention Center and the Queen Mary were both pressured by LBPD to not allow a medical cannabis conversation to take place at their venues, denying $100,000 according to the proposal.

The City of Long Beach would rather say no to $100,000 than host a medical cannabis conference that was to feature doctors, researchers, and patients having a candid conversation about cannabis as medicine.

City Council, law enforcement, and city attorneys were also invited but the Long Beach Police Department applied pressure to venues that were in contention to host the event and the city will not issue a permit.

Medical Marijuana 411 has received letters proving LBPD applied pressure to the Long Beach Convention Center and The Queen Mary, illustrating the lengths they will go and the money they will deny the city.

Long Beach is currently spending money sending Joe Grumbine to trial for operating a medical marijuana collective in Garden Grove. ¬†Hoping he would take a plea, the city is now forced to save face by spending an obscene amount of tax dollars trying to get a “W” in their column while they await the memo that their war is over.

Much like every war has straggling soldiers, so too does the War on Drugs.  So much so, in fact, that theirs took their fight to the sick and dying by attacking medical marijuana patients and stirring an atmosphere of aggression while they raid collectives, grows, and even testing labs that ensure quality control of the medicine the patients are getting.

There have been several excellent conversations taking place around the country, and last year a gathering of physicians and nurses were able to receive continuing education credit for attending what was the 10th Anniversary of the National Clinical Conference on Cannabinoid Therapeutics in Rhode Island put on by Patients Out of Time.

Patients Out of Time will be hosting a medical cannabis conference next year in Arizona, with featured speakers to include Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Donald Abrams, Manuel Guzman, PhD from Spain and Vincenzo Di Marzo, from Italy and Long Beach is wanting to bring that conversation closer to their elected officials.

There will be a medical cannabis caucus taking place later this month at the Ricardo Mantalban Theatre in Los Angeles and Medical Marijuana 411 is a media sponsor of that event.