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Los Angeles DEA Agent Not Familiar with Odgen Memo, Endocannbinoid System

Daily Dose 2011-05-03 0 comments

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand…” Bob Dylan

By Sam Sabzehzar

Marcy Winograd, community organizer and California Congressional Candidate, organized the Los Angeles rally and Cease and Desist letter delivery. She and fellow candidate Steve Collett hold up the letter they delivered to local DEA agents. (Photo credit:

When those tasked with overseeing drug task force operations admit they aren’t familiar with a memo that instructs them on how to do their job, and admit they have never heard of the Endocannabinoid System, it’s fairly safe to assume they will be doing their jobs incorrectly.

If I for one was told how to do a job and ignored instruction on how to actually do it, I would be fired.

So it’s fair to assume that when people with guns mess up, they will be held accountable for their actions.

When California Congressional Candidate Marcy Winograd delivered a Cease and Desist Letter to the Los Angeles DEA office, she was supported by the medical marijuana movement, who joined her in delivering the letter.

While roughly twenty-five supporters were on hand, only ten were allowed to accompany Ms. Winograd, who is running for Jane Harmen’s vacated seat in Congress.

One of the questions raised in the meeting was to the issue of the Ogden Memo, which was the official memo by the Department of Justice addressing the comments made by Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the use of federal resources for marijuana law enforcement in states that have a medical marijuana program in place if state law is not violated.

Such is the case for Dr. Mollie Fry, who survived breast cancer and is now surviving five years for growing her own medicine during her chemotherapy and subsequent recovery.

Her husband and caregiver, Dale Schafer, is also serving five years, were forced to say goodbye to their five children and 2 grandchildren May 2.

A rally was held for them in Sacramento, where they were to surrender themselves, and Marcy Winograd was moved to make an aciton in Los Angeles to commemorate the day’s event, along with over fifteen other cities across America.

To not be familiar with the Odgen Memo implies the Los Angeles office is not doing their job correctly, which is evident to everybody when resources are being used to incarcerate cancer survivors like Mollie Fry.

One reason why they might not care to change their behavior is due to a lack of understanding regarding cannabis.

To cry out from the rooftop of the War on Drugs headquarters that marijuana isn’t a medicine only erodes their own credit and community respect.

One way to put a dent in that theory is to prove to patients and advocates that they passed college level courses and are worthy of being told something and having that stick.

The Endocannabinoid System is a body system so important that even the most anti-medical marijuana spokesperson has.

Any time any one has a problem with pot, ask them about their own ECS and if they can’t tell you about it they have no basis for their opinion, as no one should have an opinion on something they don’t fully understand.