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Marijuana Crushes Grapes as Cash Crop

Daily Dose 2010-12-06 0 comments

By Matt Baume, published on

The most persuasive argument for legalizing pot might just be a dollar sign.

Many people in California would like to see tourism for cannabis much like the wine industry has created for itself.

Earlier, the state estimated that it could rake in $1.4 billion in taxes if Prop 19 passes, but they’ve since backed off that estimate, claiming that there are too many unknown variables.

Prop 19 would have allowed each individual municipality to set its own pot regulations, which some detractors have said will create an unwieldy patchwork of laws.

Coincidentally, most of those who oppose legalization are those who make money from prohibition: law enforcement agencies and the alcohol industry.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Patient and Resource Center has established a gleaming treatment center for medical usage.

The attractive, safe space has turned into big business, luring patients from around the city by offering extras like meditation classes, social events, and art.