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Medical Cannabis is Sweeping Our Nation

Daily Dose 2010-05-19 0 comments

By Mark Pedersen

In Michigan, over 10 thousand applications have been received for participation in their new medical cannabis program.¬† They cannot process the apps fast enough…and they haven’t even scratched the surface in regard to the vast¬†number of medical cannabis patients, let alone the staggering number of¬†chronically and terminally ill of their state who still do not realize that cannabis¬†could be a safe, holistic alternative¬†to prescription drugs.

My point?  Just what I have been saying all along.  Those who oppose legalization for medical use are beaurocrats Рa very small minority.  If majority ruled, cannabis would have been legal decades ago.

The opponents to legalization are made up of two fronts: self-serving beaurocrats and tiny, fear driven cells of misguided individuals who blindly follow their rants. All of which are a very small but vocal part of our population.

Education; merely open discussion of the truth is the key to changing law. But quoting statistics and trying to bribe law makers with the “tax the Hell outta it” angle accomplish very little. Why? Statistics are only of interest to people who are ALREADY a part of the cannabis community. And “taxation”? Taxes on liquor and cigarettes, apart from sales tax, are “sin” taxes. They’re meant as a penalty or means of discouraging use.

To require a “sin” tax for medical cannabis is to agree with those who spread the insane propaganda.

Medicating with cannabis is a God given, often life-saving blessing for the chronically ill; the furthest possible thing from a sin. We must strive to make it more accessible to the most vulnerable of our number, not perpetuate it’s isolation.

The solution? Allow the chronically and terminally ill to be heard. That’s why I have been recording and telling their stories for these past number of years. There are precious few emotions more powerful than empathy.

Every family in America has and is touched by chronic and terminal illness. It comes to us all, sooner or later. Cannabis benefits those with spinal and neurological injuries because cannabis is a natural neuroprotectant. Cannabinoids are effective in the treatment of autoimmune disease because the endocannabinoid system which we all have regulates our immune system.

But if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a live witness from someone who lives with chronic illness, someone who has actually experienced the benefits of cannabis medication, must be worth volumes.

If you are a medical cannabis advocate, use us. If you are currently using cannabis to treat an ailment, talk about how it improves your life. You might not think so, but people are listening…a lot of people are listening. I’ll help you if you like…

Mark Pedersen is a Founder of Sensible Missouri and Cannabis Patient’s Network, and is a contributing writer for Medical Marijuana 411. ¬†Look for his Patient Story online shortly.