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Carly King


Carly King

Check out my debut single <a href=”” target=”_blank”>”Mountains Alone”</a> & <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Music Video</a>

Carly King is a creative storyteller currently writing patient and character driven articles for MM411, and managing our brand voice. Carly has a profesional background in copy writing, experiential marketing, and project management. Her fascination with the ways in which brands choose to tell their stories to the world drives her to work across many industries and mediums. At only 23 years old, she has already worked with large brands including Citi Bank, the Today Show, and Boeing. As well as smaller unique brands and artist on social media campaigns.

How Carly chooses to tell her own stories is most notably through music and lyrics. She spends the winter months in Jackson WY as a musician, performing and recording her original music. Through this she has gained a unique insight into the dynamic between an experience and its audience, which she is able to apply to her brand work

Besides music, the greatest joys of Carly’s life can be found spending time with her family and friends in the out of doors. Weather it be snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding or simply laying on the beach. It’s this love for the great outdoors that brought her thousands of miles away from her hometown of Princeton, New Jersey, to Colorado for college. As a university of Denver student, she was able to experience and be educated in the growth of the cannabis industry in Colorado. Carly has found not only benefits in the plant it self but also in the community and culture that surrounds the industry.

She looks forward to the future of Cannabis and MM411, and in her role within both.