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Heather Dagley

Heather Dagley

Director of Content Development

Heather Dagley

Heather Dagley, Director of Content Development, is a passionate and experienced cannabis educator. Heather has served in many professional cannabis roles, many of them patient-facing. Heather’s career in cannabis began when she served as a budtender in her hometown of Tacoma, WA. In this role, she became a certified Medical Marijuana Consultant by signing up for one of MM411’s courses. She then became a certified cannabis wellness coach in 2021. Throughout her career in cannabis, Heather has educated and counseled thousands of cannabis customers and patients and her written work has been featured in several renown cannabis publications. She appreciates the opportunity to tell others about how cannabis and endocannabinoid-healthy behaviors can support their health, well-being, and overall vibrancy.

With a background in dispensary leadership and customer service management, Heather cares deeply about the dispensary customer and patient experience. A former budtender herself, she prioritizes responsiveness to customer and patient voices. She knows that budtenders benefit from effective education, training, and leadership and that investing in these priorities has positive downstream effects to the customer and patient. She also sees training as a pathway to career development, innovation, and prosperity.

Heather seeks to build bridges between the various cannabis sectors, from dispensary/retail to healthcare to media to policy. She understands that cannabis and cannabis therapies provide a net positive to humanity and offer hope in the greater context of a global health crisis. Heather is adamant about the medical potential of cannabis because she has seen, firsthand, how well people feel when they have taken the steps to balance their endocannabinoid system. She is happy to support a company that is perpetuating cannabis education and acceptance on a global scale. She is also a proud contributor to MM411’s Advanced CBD Certification, written and compiled in 2020.

You may see Heather publishing edits to our courses or blogs, sharing cannabis science with the MM411 community, or speaking at one of our events or conferences. Be sure to say hello! Heather loves meeting people who are similarly excited about cannabis and what it does for us.