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Medical Marijuana Bill Dies Despite Surprise Support From Republican Leader

Daily Dose 2010-12-01 1 comment

By Rosalind Helderman, published in the Washington Post

When the FDA changes it's language on what they define cannabis to be, doctors could soon 'prescribe' marijuana, much like it already is in the form of marinol, but for the plant matter also. (Photo credit: Jackie King)

A House subcommittee has unceremoniously tabled a pair of bills that would have liberalized Virginia’s marijuana laws, in effect killing them.

One measure would have made possession of under one ounce of pot a civil infraction punishable with merely a $500 fine.

The other would have allowed doctors to prescribe marijuana for any medical condition, if the Federal government ever allows it.

Virginia already has a law that says if FDA changes its rules on pot, doctors could prescribe marijuana for cancer and glaucoma.

If we allow the use of morphine, opiates and oxycotin, we ought to allow for this.~ Rep. Majority Leader Morgan Griffith

A few days ago, we wrote about how these bills were being viewed largely with humor in the conservative House of Delegates. But at today’s subcommittee meeting, each received a lengthy and serious hearing. Their death was a surprise to no one.

But there was one big surprise:

Republican Majority Leader Morgan Griffith announced to the subcommittee that though he opposed the bill to decriminalize marijuana possession he had, in fact, drafted the bill to allow for medical marijuana and he supported its passage.

He then gave a fairly impassioned defense of the idea that doctors should be allowed to prescribe cannabis, arguing it is no more dangerous than many drugs already allowed for medical use. “I truly believe that if we allow the use of morphine, opiates and oxycotin, we ought to allow for this,” Griffith said.

A few years ago, Griffith was on the leading edge for his party in supporting a ban on smoking in restaurants. His support for allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis for medical use in Virginia could likewise presage widening support for the idea.

But, only in future years. This year, despite his effort, the panel voted to table the legislation 4 to 2.

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