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Medical Marijuana Patient and U.S. Veteran to Face Marijuana Charges in Medical Marijuana State

Daily Dose 2011-02-01 0 comments

By Judy K. Thompson

The Patient – A False sense of Security

Jody Carlier & Ken Andersen talk about their pending case in Arizona

We support Jody Carlier and Ken Andersen because they are PATIENTS first and foremost, and they have been loyal members and advocates for a long time.

The two of them have gone before many Council’s  to work on many issues to help educate and bring about awareness and to remind these Officials that they are here to ENFORCE the LAW!  They owned and operated their own Collective based completely on Prop. 215, and supported by SB 420, and it worked!

I will not get into their medical conditions because it goes against the HIPA law and it is something that both my sister and I and Ken defend fiercely!  When you are hit with an illness you find that you start becoming educated in ways that you never imagined.

Jody and Ken, deserve to be supported and helped like any other HUMAN BEING and I will explain…

Jody and Ken are PATIENTS traveling through the state of Arizona when they were pulled over for ‘following the vehicle in front of them too closely,’ or tailgating, which they deny doing and claim it was just an excuse to pull them over.

They NEVER stopped, they had no intentions of stopping, they just wanted to get back to California, this was before an officer of the law changed their lives forever!

My sister travels with all her paperwork in order.  She goes above and beyond what the normal person carries with her.  A file folder with doctor recommendations, print-out’s from the pharmacy going back a few years, (a personal paper trail) because one never knows.  She takes a lot of medication.

None of this even mattered that evening.  None of these law enforcement officials cared, they were on the hunt.  They did not want to see any documentation, they had Jody and Ken, it was off to Jail, to be degraded, strip-searched, and hopefully forced into some type of confession.

This now becomes a case about MONEY!  It is about the State of Arizona making money off of people like Jody and Ken!

The only reason I can talk about this is because I am Jody’s twin, it didn’t happen to me. When something like this happens to you, they let you know that IT IS NOT OKAY TO DISCUSS ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR CASE!  You live in fear.

So why are we supporting Jody and Ken you ask?

As California patients, it’s like this, every City and County get to make up their own rules and regulations.  Yes, we have our recommendations and we think we are safe, but it a false sense of security.  Every time we change and cross the city and county lines the rules change!  When we cross the State boarders, you have to THINK!!!  Arizona was supposed to HONOR the recommendations!  (they, did not)

My sister takes care of the dying.  She holds their hands while they are literally crossing over to the other side.  It is one of life’s most beautiful blessings imaginable to be with someone who is making the transition.  She will crawl into bed with them and will travel as far with them on their journey as she possibly can.  Most people don’t understand this type of calling, we understand, it’s her purpose in life.  We understand the humanity in it she gives it the respect it deserves.

Ken was born in Norway, and was brought to the United States when he was 2 years old.  He served in the United Stated Army and ranked up FAST!  He was HONORABLY discharged.  Both Jody and Ken are now facing 4 felony charges.  Ken is now facing DEPORTATION!  Both had NO PRIORS!  This is not okay!  They were stripped of their HUMAN RIGHTS!  They were stripped of their HUMAN DIGNITY!

A Veteran HUMAN BEING, facing DEPORTATION, this is INSANITY!  For what?  Something that was created by an unscrupulous Law Enforcement Officer!

There is a lot to Ken and Jody’s story.  There is a lot to understand about the THOUGHT process!  NO ONE should ever have to face going to jail over CANNABIS!

HELP me to HELP Jody and Ken!

Judy Thompson,