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Meet a Marijuana Reformer Pioneer

Sam Sabzehzar 2013-02-06 0 comments

Michael Aldrich recently spoke on a panel at the California NORML Conference, where he shared some stories he’s been collecting for the greater part of 40 plus years.

Michael Aldrich is author of the first Ph.D. dissertation on cannabis in the U.S., “Marijuana Myths & Folklore,” SUNY-Buffalo, 1970.

He founded the first college chapter of LEMAR at SUNY-Buffalo in 1967 and was co-founder of Amorphia 1969-73, which sponsored the first California Marijuana Initiative in 1972.

Mr. Aldrich was curator of the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Library 1974-2002 and trained AIDS outreach workers 1989-2001 and was Executive Director of CHAMP 2001-2002 and co-founder of SPARC dispensary 2010- present.

More information on the panel, including others who spoke about reforming cannabis laws, is below.

Michael Aldrich, Amorphia
Michelle Aldrich, CMI
Gordon Brownell, original CalNORML director
Debby Goldsberry, Cannabis Action Network co-founder
Dennis Peron, Prop. 215 author

To see a full schedule for the weekend’s conference, please click here.