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Mieko's Response to Bill 258 Supported by California Senators Diane Feinstein & Barber Boxer

Daily Dose 2010-07-28 0 comments

The Senate is awaiting a vote on a bill that would double penalties for any edible products combined with medical marijuana in California and other states that provide relief for patients.  S. 258, the Saving Kids from Dangerous Drugs Act,

Dear Senators:

As a constituent and Joey’s mother, I urge you to oppose a draconian bill currently under consideration in the Senate, S. 258.  The bill would double penalties for anyone who combines edible products with medical marijuana in California and other states that provide relief for patients.

When this bill was established I’m lead to believe, you weren’t of aware our story and my journey to save my son’s life with an nontraditional form of medication which now has given my son a better quality of  life after 13 failed medications and now has given other parents hope to preserve their child’s life too.

The very first time I went public with our story, people were unclear on how I was administering the medical marijuana, it was through edibles because as a citizen in my community and a mother of a 10 year old child who was dying, I choose the appropriate method.

At the time my only mission was to save my child’s life with the help of Dr. Rebecca Hedrick from UCI Irvine and I did along with a crash course education from some of the best doctors in our country on medical marijuana science.

My son today is on 3 traditional medications and takes 1 medical marijuana edible a week, Joey now weighs 98lbs. and although my gut feeling is he lost his ability to walk from one of the previous medications he was taken, he’s ALIVE. You see when you have a child diagnosed with autism, it’s the little things that mean so much to us and when you have exhausted all other documented treatments that have failed, and you go back to the basics “giving your child a better quality” of life. Medical marijuana has proven to provide more benefits to the treatment of autism, than we are publicly willing to admit.

That is because, as Harvard Medical School teacher Dr. Lester Grinspoon points out on ABC’s 20/20 “we’ve been lied to… about the wonder drug of our time.”

From one mother to another, watching a child die should not be an option. As single moms, single dads, grandparents and caregivers of children who are on the autism spectrum, the penalties are endless for us…First the diagnosis of autism, then the toxic medications associated with diagnosis, then budget cuts to agencies that won’t allow us to take care of our children and sadly the health-care red tape that won’t insure vitamin B shots… And now you want to penalize us again!

How much do you think we can take?  I am one of many concerned parents who have found medical marijuana to be a safe and effective treatment and will stand up in support for any parent or medical professional willing to preserve children’s life with an Unconventional approach.

Thank you,

Joey’s Mom
Mieko Hester-Perez