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Montana Board Wants To Change Medical Marijuana Exams

Daily Dose 2010-12-06 0 comments

By Associated Press

As technology makes it so that a doctor can see a patient from anywhere in the world, the Montana Board of Medical Examiners says it is insufficient.

The Montana Board of Medical Examiners says Internet-based video examinations for people seeking approval to use medical marijuana don’t meet the board’s standards.

The board on Friday said medical doctors must conduct hands-on physical examinations before signing off on someone receiving medical marijuana.

Board member Dean Center tells the Independent Record that initiating a new treatment for a chronic condition requires a physical examination.

Medical marijuana providers in the state have been connecting doctors with those seeking medical marijuana using the web video service Skype. The Montana Caregivers Network contends the video examinations are needed for people whose regular physician won’t recommend medical marijuana and who can’t travel.